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The winner of the very first Graduate Art Prize in 2013 was Ilze Krumina, who studied at Chelsea College of Art and Design. Ilze is interested in capturing atmosphere, the illusion of space and how intuition is found in light. Light gives life to space and simultaneously objects, people and things dissipate in light, as if light obliterates forms and breaks them into fragments before they completely disappear.


The process seems as if light engulfs all forms in the world, and the world becomes subsumed under it and drowns in it. When Ilze observes people in museums, stations, and markets and light comes from behind them, they are all in shade, looking faceless and impersonal.


The anonymity, the facelessness, observed in such situations is precisely that which light creates by taking away their life and identity, which light has once given to them all. What she is trying to achieve in her work therefore, is to capture the erosion of moving figures caused by the immersion of objects, figures and forms in light.



  1. Alice Freeman (Camberwell)

  2. Amanda Lee (Goldsmiths)

  3. Caitlin Stone (Goldsmiths)

  4. Daniel Challis (Central Saint Martins)

  5. David Teather (Central Saint Martins)

  6. Hwa Seon Yang (Central Saint Martins)

  7. Ilze Krumina (Chelsea)

  8. Jack Wilkinson (Camberwell)

  9. James Melloy (Goldsmiths)

  10. Johnny Höglund (Goldsmiths)

  11. Marcus Dobbs (Camberwell)

  12. Marine Lewis (Central Saint Martins)

  13. Michaela Manning (Wimbledon)

  14. Peter Raynor (Camberwell)

  15. Siobhan Auberge (Camberwell)


Download the 2013 catalogue here.