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The Graduate Art Prize and working with ARTIQ has opened doors for me I didn't think possible. Every one of the staff at ARTIQ have always been so helpful and supportive of my practice.


Having just graduated from Goldsmiths, University of London, I didn't believe that within my first year out I would already be renting my pieces.


Now just two years on I am selling and renting my work consistently and am so grateful not to be a starving artist in London!  


About my practice:


Currently, acrylic is the only medium that Malaika uses. By peeling, tearing or cutting the paint after it has dried, Malaika is able to create ‘acrylic leaf’ that can be layered on to a surface similarly to gold leaf; it is a recurring motif in most of her work. Once produced, the acrylic leaf is stuck on to canvas – a technique that cannot

be categorized. Is it Paint? Collage? Mozaic?